Andrew McCracken Chiropractor

New Zealand born Chiropractor in Düsseldorf providing world class American style chiropractic for babies, children, pregnant women and the whole family.

Now with new branding at 'Kiwi Chiropractic'

Born and raised in New Zealand when I was 15 years old Chiropractic changed my life. It helped me regain my health and once again be an active, sporting and energetic young man. 

Today I  live life passionately dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their full potential. 


Andrew is committed to delivering the highest quality and most specific Chiropractic Care while bringing the flavour of New Zealand to Dusseldorf.    


 Companies, mothers groups community organisations and schools invite Andrew to give instructional and entertaining presentations on one of the most forgotten aspects of health. 


4 times a year Andrew Lectures and mentors students at the Chiropractic Akademie to help grow and develop Germanys next generation of Chiropractors. 


Our Process



Our key focus in your 1st visit is to  to sit down with you and listen. We figure out together what your health goals are and how we can best help you achieve them.

Adults, Children and Babies usually consult our office as a way to optimise their health or with a specific problem. 



Our Examination is different. We are looking very specifically to see how your spine and nervous system is functioning. We want to dive deep and find the cause of your problem.

In the second half of your first visit we will examine your range of motion, balance, coordination, posture, neurological and spinal function.

Explanation & Plan

 You are unique, that is why we constantly tailor our approach to fit your specific situation. In your 2nd visit we will bring together the results of your examination and if indicated you can be given your first adjustment. 


In most cases we recommend a series of adjustment visits which are followed by re-examinations to measure your great results. 

Your Questions Answered

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